Wherever you are, right now, feel the ground underneath your feet. Feel that energy just underneath your feet. Imagine the ground beneath you is in the middle of a forest (or jungle). Imagine your feet touching soil or grass or earthy mud. Feel that energy under there. The solidity. The calmness. The slowness. Keep feeling it. Keep your attention there. Leave your head for a moment and feel down down into the earth. Now draw this muddy, earthy, solid, grounded energy up your legs and allow it to absorb into your belly underneath your belly button.Your belly might feel a magnetic pull towards the earth. Feel this earth energy charging your body. . Revitalising, restoring, grounding as you energise your physical body. This energy of the earth is always there for you, whenever you need it. It is limitless. You can always access it. It is always there to help you, to support you, to bolster you.

Sometimes we can feel overwhelmed by the situations we find ourselves in and it may seem like there is no support for us or help nearby. Support is there. Maybe it comes in forms you aren't used to but it is there. It is a two way street though. You have to be open to it, ask for it and take it when you need it. This can mean giving up the defences. Tricky. We all have them and with our most vulnerable feelings the defences get stronger. For whatever reason, we feel like we need these defences to protect ourselves. Boundaries can be good to protect our energy and hearts from people misusing or abusing us. We create boundaries out of love and respect for ourselves. Defences are different, they are created out of fear. They seem to come from a place of feeling we're not ok, that there is something really wrong with who we are; and being scared that whoever is supporting us is going to find that out and judge us for it. There is a lot to say about defences - maybe at a different time. But if you feel unsupported or there is no help around think about how you may habitually close yourself off to receiving that support. Being aware is the first step to changing behaviour.

And then you need to find the right support for you. Maybe it's from a friend or family member maybe it's from a healer, a masseuse or some other professional-type person. Sometimes it's easier to go to see a professional than ask friends or family members for support. The more you can open up to the people in your life, the stronger relationships you will have and closer you will feel. Whether it's a friend or a professional, it seems to come down to whether after receiving support you feel better about yourself or worse. If you feel worse, more lost or confused then that isn't the support for you.

On a purely physical level, our bodies need support and sometimes we hold back from receiving that too. If you're sitting or lying down to read this really allow your whole body to drop. Relax completely, become soft and heavy and allow your whole being to be held. Let your muscles go. Give in to what's holding you right now. Trust that the earth has your back. Trust that you're meant to be here. Allow your energy to receive the power of the earth. Rejuvenate and restore right here right now.

Enjoy this and have a great week.

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