Private Sessions

Private sessions are appropriate for all ages and all levels of physical fitness. The only requirement is an open heart and an intention to care for and connect with yourself. Depending on the needs of the client, the sessions include yoga, energetic clearing and intuitive mentoring. Sessions are held at the Like a Prayer Yoga studio.

The first session is $50 and subsequent sessions are $80. To book a session at your home – in Brooklyn or Manhattan - the cost is $120.

Reasons to book a private session

  • you would like to enhance your yoga or meditation practice
  • your energy feels “off”, you feel tired, stressed or not like yourself
  • you have tension in your body and it feels tight, sore or heavy
  • you are experiencing a significant change in your life or going through a period of grief
  • you lack clarity, are unable to make decisions, feel scattered emotionally or experience anxiety or panic
  • you feel uninspired, out of place, or are unsure of your passion or direction
  • you want to connect to your heart, your true wants and your intuition

Benefits of a private session

A private session allows space for you to connect with yourself. Some of the benefits from a session include:

  • relaxing and restoring the physical body
  • grounding and centering your energy, feeling more peaceful
  • releasing emotions that the body is holding on to
  • calming and steadying the mind
  • becoming aware of and letting go negative thought patterns
  • creating intentions that come from self-love and compassion
  • enhancing intuition and instinctual behaviour to get what you want in life
  • developing a strong connection to the divine and your enlightened purpose

To book a session, email

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