Workplace Programs

Offering meditation and yoga in the workplace can greatly benefit employees - their individual health - and the wellbeing of a team as a whole.

Our teachers come to your workplace in Manhattan/Brooklyn and we also offer space at our yoga studio in Brooklyn

Benefits of yoga and meditation at work

Practicing yoga provides a powerful antidote to sitting at a computer for long periods of time and can help to mitigate the occurrence of injuries that may arise in the workplace due to repetitive movement and strain.

Meditation is also proven to improve concentration, focus and to help alleviate stress and anxiety.

More focused, less stressed, better rested and healthier employees mean happier and more productive workers.

Like a prayer yoga workplace programs

Like a prayer yoga workplace programs are tailored specifically to each company’s needs and include regular yoga and meditation classes.

As well as focusing on the individual, classes will also be structured to raise the energetic vibration of the group as a whole to encourage team building, clear residual and unwanted energies from the team and bring cohesiveness to the group.

Energetic healing and clearing is profound and becoming far more mainstream. There is a great opportunity to use the principles of energetic alignment within a business context.

Energetic clearings of workplaces can also be included in the programs, if interested.

Introductory Workplace Class
Cost: $120

Six-Week Workplace Program
Cost: please enquire

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